Våra studenter från USA


Födelseår: 2002

Hemland: USA

Period: Januari 2020–Juni 2020

Varför Luke vill åka till Sverige

Here in San Diego, California the weather stays around 18 to 23 degrees year round. I am excited to experience the cold weather in Sweden. I am very fascinated by the landscape and beautiful nature and scenery in your country. Also, I’m excited to experience life in a new country. To experience the beautiful fall and winter in Sweden and be able to document it through photography will be amazing. It will be exciting to meet new people and learn the language and the culture.​

En hälsning från Luke

I can’t wait to learn about Sweden and it’s culture while living with your family. It will be an amazing opportunity to study abroad and further my education while staying in Sweden for a semester. Although my family will miss me while I am gone they are happy I have this opportunity to learn and experience new things. Excited to hear from you and to meet you all.​

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