Lär känna våra elever

Har du, eller kanske någon du känner, hjärtat på rätt plats och vill välkomna en utbyteselev till ditt hem? Vi söker engagerade familjer till våra utbyteselever som kommer till Sverige från hela världen. Anmäl ditt intresse om att bli värdfamilj här. Självklart är anmälan inte bindande.

Till hösten kommer våra nya studenter till Sverige från till exempel USA, Tyskland och Italien. Självklart får du som värdfamilj välja vilken elev du vill bjuda hem till dig, så passa på att läsa mer och lär känna studenterna för att se om någon av dom passar i just din familj!

Anmäl dig gärna också till ett av våra informationsmöten där vi berättar mer om hur det är att vara värdfamilj. Du kan också läsa våra frågor och svar samt läs om hur våra tidigare värdfamiljer har upplevt sitt år med en utbytesstudent hemma.



Namn: Orelie
Schweiziska, Tyska, Engelska, Franska
Augusti 2024 - Juni 2025

Vem är Orelie?

Orelie is a humorous and empathetic 15-year-old girl from Switzerland. She lives with both her parents and their two pets, one cat and one dog. She also has two older brothers, but they don´t live at home anymore. ​

Orelie has been a part of a scouts group since she was 5 years old. There she meet a big part of her currently friend group. Every year they are going on one summer and one skiing trip. Other then that, she enjoys spending her time with friends and family, reading, writing, drawing and listening to music.​ She believes that an open and honest communication is important and she would appreciate this in her future host family.

Varför vill Orelie åka till Sverige?

By going on this exchange, Orelie is hoping to meet new friends and getting to know a new culture. She believes this experience will be a great opportunity for her to grow as a person and getting to know a new culture. She has always been fascinated and captivated by the Swedish culture and nature.

Hälsningar från Orelie:

"I am looking forward to getting to know you, and I thank you in advance. If there are any further questions about me, feel free to ask!​ Dear greetings, Orelie :)"



Namn: Bart
Hollänska, engelska, franska och tyska
Augusti 2024 - Juni 2025

Vem är Bart?

Bart is an open and curious young boy. He will turn 15 years old when he starts his exchange year. He lives in the Netherlands with his parents, older brother and younger twin sisters. He is a bit of a perfectionist who takes school very seriously. He is an active person who often plays tennis or going to the gym. Bart has also played the piano since he was 5 years old and enjoys this very much. ​

His friends and family are very important for him and likes spending time with them. For example, both Bart, his brother and father are all very interesting in cars. This is a common interest they share together. All of his sibling also plays an instrument and when they got time to play together, they have a lot of fun.

Varför vill Bart åka till Sverige?

As already describe, Bart is a very curious boy. He really like learning new things and exploring a new culture. His goal with the exchange is to collect as much knowledge of the world as possible. He is not afraid of challenge himself and love the feeling when achieve something quite difficult. ​

Hälsningar från Bart:

"I am really looking forward to see you in Sweden!"​

Se Barts videopresentation här



Namn: Judith
Födelseår: 2008
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Ryska, Engelska, Franska
Period: Augusti 2024 - December 2024

Vem är Judith?

Judith is a 16-year-old girl who lives in the north of Germany with her parents. She has an older sister, but she lives in Austria. Her parents describe her as an open, friendly, communicative, but also a bit shy.​

When Judith is free from school, she prefer to hang out with friends, listen to music, read or bake. She also likes to dance and have recently start taking ballroom dance classes. This is a very popular dance style in Germany. She is also an active volunteer and helps talking care of children in the local Sunday school.

Varför vill Judith åka till Sverige?

She choose Sweden for her exchange year because she loves the language and the architecture. She is curious about their culture and the way of life there. She is also excited to experience a winter with snow, since this is unusually in Germany. She already started learning a little bit of Swedish, and she loves ABBA.

Hälsningar från Judith:

"I want to thank you so much for making a dream of mine possible and I`m really excited to meet you!​ Yours, ​Judith"

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