Lär känna våra elever

Har du, eller kanske någon du känner, hjärtat på rätt plats och vill välkomna en utbyteselev till ditt hem? Vi söker engagerade familjer till våra utbyteselever som kommer till Sverige från hela världen. Lär känna våra elever genom att läsa deras presentationer. Det är du som värdfamilj som väljer vilken elev du vill ta emot samt hur länge ni vill vara värdfamilj.



Namn: Guilherme
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Brasilien
Språk: Portugisiska, Tyska och Engelska​
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Guilherme live with his parents and his older sisters in Brazil. One of Guilherme´s sisters is an exchange student right now in Switzerland and that´s what caught Guilherme´s interest in doing an exchange year. His interests are playing piano and doing martial arts. Guilherme used to practice judo and tai-kwando for many years. He likes animals and have a cockatiel bird. He is very interested in chess and would like to learn more and improve his skills while in Sweden. He likes traveling and have already been to several countries for example USA, Bolivia, Italy and Japan- where he also has relatives. He used to do horseback riding for many years. ​

Varför vill Guilherme åka till Sverige?
"I`ve always been interested in traveling and it is a dream of mine to go to Nordic countries and learn more about their culture. I think this is a great way to get out of my comfort zone and develop some independence. I believe this will be a great challenge for me."

Hälsningar från Guilherme:
"I consider myself a very easygoing person and I love pets. I have a cockatiel, my family have a cat and two golden retrievers. I like tiny crafts, carpentry, playing piano, drawing and cooking. I'm learning cooking traditional dishes that I would like to share with you. In the weekends I like to stay home and be with friends and family. I would like to learn about your language, culture and history and also share a little bit of mine and just be a member of the community and the family."

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Namn: Timotej
Födelseår: 2005
Hemland: Slovakien
Språk: Tjeckiska, Slovakiska, Tyska & Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Timotej lives together with his parents and his younger brother in Slovakia. When he was younger, he used to practice basketball and swimming. Today, he do track and field which he sometime compete in. He also like to play ice hockey and play tennis. In the winter, he like cross-country skiing. Timotej enjoy winter and he think that cold weather suits him the best. Timotej has learned to play the piano all on his own and he also really like to play chess.

Varför vill Timotej åka till Sverige? ​
"First, the experience of being by myself, need to care for myself and gaining a skill of adapting to very different lifestyle and conditions. In my opinion reaching adulthood is not something which comes with age 18, I think it is the state of mind neglect of physiological aspect of course. Thought I think this experience can make me more practical, mature and help me reach my goals in the future. Now my biggest ambitions are to gain excellent education at good university and learn as many skills and languages as I am capable of."

Hälsningar från Timotej:
"I would describe myself as a passionate, ambitios and very pragmatic person. I often think very racional even though I can get really excited about things. I really like jokes and I have no problem with jokes on my person. I like to have things planned but I can be very spontaneous, if I think of a situation as not relevant enough to think more. I am looking forward to getting to know a new culture and learn from it. I have started learning Swedish myself since January 2022 and I am looking forward to learning Swedish as good as possible. I would like to master it if it is in my power. I have visited Sweden when I was 13 and specifically the city Göteborg, it was retentive experience. I had always sympathies towards north and especially Sweden. "



Namn: Serena
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Italien
Språk: Italienska, Franska och Engelska​
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Serena lives together with her family in a small town in Puglia, in southern Italy. Serena like going out with friends, going to the cinema, going for a walk in the city center or going out to eat. Serenas passion is to exercise at the gym. Her greatest passion is studying. She loves to learn new things, very curious as a person.

Varför vill Serena åka till Sverige? ​
"Making the year abroad has always been my dream, the idea of living and discovering completely another culture, meeting new people and turning your life upside down for a year is a fascinating thing that I can't wait to do. I saw how this experience affected my brother, who left in 2017 for a year in Finland, and I was able to see firsthand how much this changes you and makes you mature. I chose Sweden as my country, because I have always loved the Scandinavian countries, the cold, the landscapes and the lifestyle. I would like to share a little of Italian culture and learn 100% to live with theirs. I can't wait to meet the people i will spend my year in Sweden."

Hälsningar från Serena: ​
"I'm bright,energetic and curios person. I always want to try out new thing and meet new people. I am always ready to help others, and I like to make other people feel good.I am very happy to have the opportunity to have this experience, and certainly the difficulties and the fear will not be lacking but I am sure it will change me forever."

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Namn: Helena
Födelseår: 2004
Språk: Tjeckiska, Tyska & Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – November 2022

Helena lives with her parents and her twin sister in Czech Republic. Her passion is reading books and writing stories or poetry by herself. At this moment she is working on a fantasy story that she hopes be a real book one day. She is a big dreamer with big goals. She also likes listening to music, especially metal or rock. Helena used to do cheerleading and this is something she would love to do again.

Varför vill Helena åka till Sverige?
"Going on Exchange program to Sweden would mean much to me. Sweden is a country full of opportunities for me and I would love to get to know its culture and traditions and see what it means to live there. I fell in love with Sweden’s nature and would like to explore it on my own, through my own eyes. Lately, I’ve been thinking a little about moving there in the future, so I take this as a great opportunity to get to know how it feels like to live in the country. I also love Swedish and perhaps would like to learn the language, I have learnt some sentences and words already, but I am a self-learner and I do not think I would be able to hold a conversation with someone yet. The reason I want to study in Sweden is that I want to see the differences between the school systems and simply learn something new. I am certain the program would offer me to meet with a lot of new people, find new friends, and create international friendships that might last forever, which is awesome. It is clear it will give me more than I can imagine yet, make me a completely different person, and give me memories that last forever. Whatever stays ahead, I want to explore it and set out on this amazing adventure with you."

En hälsning från Helena:
"I am a person who loves fun and can't go long without a good and hearty laugh. I am open-minded and honest, lies do not taste good on my tongue, and I am very friendly. My fantasy has almost no limits; I love writing stories and poetry and I'm the kind of a person who comes up with crazy and funny ideas. I am responsible, I am always on time and I try to get the best out of my work. I love listening to music and reading books, because both inspire me a lot, and I also like hiking, cycling and going out with friends. I try to be positive about every situation, learn from my own mistakes and don't regret things that did not work out in the past and instead take them as a lesson and opportunity to become a better person."



Namn: Seraina
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Schweiz
Språk: Tyska, Franska och Engelska​
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

​In Switzerland, Seraina live with her parents, younger brother and older sister. Seraina used to play the piano and she still does from time to time. She recently started snowboarding and cross-country skiing and she like to go swimming at least once a week and going on walks is something she genuinely enjoy. In her free time, she likes to draw or paint, listen to music and watching movies. Seraina and her family like to play boardgames together and she like spending time with family and friends, but she also values her alone time.

Varför vill Seraina åka till Sverige? ​
"I want to spend my exchange year in Sweden because I’m really fascinated by Sweden and Scandinavia in general. I think the landscapes are beautiful and I also like the language. I’m also interested in the lifestyle and the attitude toward life of the people living there. In the end, I chose Sweden, because I want to learn Swedish and 5 or 6 years ago, I was in Sweden for two weeks with my family and ever since then I was fascinated with the country. In my exchange year, my top priorities are to get to know a different lifestyle and mainly new culture, as well as a new language."

Hälsningar från Seraina:
"I am sociable, active and open. At the beginning I am rather shy and reserved, but usually only for a short time and then I am talkative. I would describe myself as upright, respectful and cheerful. I am very excited to be able to participate in this high school program, I am looking forward to seeing how family life as well as everyday life will look like. I would also already say thank you ahead of time already."

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Namn: Natasja
Födelseår: 2004
Hemland: Nederländerna
Språk: Holländska, Tyska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Natasja live with her mom, dad and her dog Bailey in the Netherlands. She is an only child but would like to have host siblings. She has been a gymnast for over 10 years but quitted about a year ago. Natasja is a sporty person and have started to train kickboxing which she would like to continue with in Sweden. She also have an interest in figure skating but have not had the opportunity to practice it.

Varför vill Natasja åka till Sverige?
"I would like to learn about the culture, learning Swedish and learning about Sweden’s history. I would like to know what happened in the history of Sweden but I’m also curious about European history and if it looks any different from another country’s perspective. Besides the history I am eager to learn about the fashion in Sweden. I don’t follow a lot of fashion trends but it’s still something I’m interested in. Nearly as interested as I am in your music. I like almost every style in music so bring it on! Another thing I am looking forward to is the food in Sweden. In my opinion the food in the Netherlands doesn’t have a lot of taste and I would like to see what kind of delicacies Sweden have. I would also like to share some of the meals I do like in the Netherlands. Boerenkool, stroopwafels, pesto pasta and burritos (not necessarily Dutch, but delicious) for example."

En hälsning från Natasja:
"I consider myself an honest and hardworking person. This something i am eager to show my host family and High School to be. I also consider myself to be extremely funny but not everyone shares that opinion with me;). I can get a little nervous when meeting new people from time to time because I want to leave a good impression, but this also means that I am polite and respectful to the people around me. PS. Thanks to anyone who is willing to welcome a “stranger” into their home with open arms. You are making a dream come true!"

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Namn: Sid
Födelseår: 2004
Hemland: Belgien
Språk: Hollänska, Franska, Tyska, Engelska & Svenska​
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Sid live together with his parents and his sister in Belgium. He likes athletics, mountain biking, rock-climbing, skiing and fitness. Sid also like music and arts, his favorite artists are Van Gogh, Hokusai ,Georgia O’Keeffe and Gustav Klimt. He is also really into science. Especially biology and the incredible technological possibilities gen-and biotech. Science is also a part of his family life. He likes to learn new languages. He loves to try new foods and dishes and he like to cook and share his creations with his friends and family. ​

Varför vill Sid åka till Sverige?
"First of all, I hope to learn a lot from my Host Family and classmates. I look forward sharing and introducing to the Swedes some Belgian things every country should have in order to make life more fun, in my opinion at least." ​

Hälsningar från Sid:
"There are a million things to which I look forward in Sweden like getting to know new people, you, and making new friends, learning a new style of living, and getting used to new habits, things we have missed since the C-word pandemic in which each day seemed like a ctrl V of the one before it, and before that one, seeing and not seeing the same people and repeating the same routines. Although it was at the start of ‘the big life pause’ we went through when I started learning Swedish and svenskify my days. I would fika and started watching Swedish series like Bron and Störst av allt. I even convinced a friend to celebrate midsommar together and we made blomkransar with flowers we found at the side of the path where we were running our tour. I look forward with most excitement to getting to know you and Sweden and I hope you look forward to that too. All the best, Sid."

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Namn: Aino
Födelseår: 2005
Hemland: Finland
Språk: Finska, Svenska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Aino is from Santa's village in Finland - Rovaniemi. In her free time she like to go to the gym or to be with her friends. She also like to go skiing in the winter. Aino also play the piano and have played for 8 years now. She also like to be outside in nature, running and cycling.

Varför vill Aino till Sverige?
"Sweden may sound like an odd choice to a Finn, but to me personally it makes so much sense. My English skills are good. I would manage in an English speaking country by myself, but my Swedish is not that good. I like the Swedish language and the way it sounds. It would open many doors for me to study abroad. One of Finlands official languages is Swedish which means that some of the schools are in Swedish. If I would know Swedish better I could study in Finland in a university where the language is Swedish or start an adventure in a Swedish university. My next year’s adventure in Sweden would be perfect for me for a soft landing for living abroad. Also the Swedish culture is a bit of a mystery for me."

En hälsning från Aino:
"Hi! I'm Aino and I am sixteen years old. I like animals and sports. During winter I spend most of my time outdoors either skiing in Levi Lapland or chilling with my friends. I am a happy and social person who likes to chat with people and make new friends. I get along with people very well due to my great social skills. At school I am ready to work hard. My open personality helps me getting to know people easily."


Namn: Hertta
Födelseår: 2005
Hemland: Finland
Språk: Finska, Tyska, Svenska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – December 2022

In Finland, Hertta live with her parents, older sister and their dog. Hertta has done sport all her life and it is a big part of her daily routines. She has practiced cheerleading and gymnastics. Right now, she go to the gym every day and take cross-training classes twice a week. She spend her free time with friends and family. She is also interested in clothes and music and she like to go shopping.

Varför vill Hertta till Sverige?
"I'm very excited to come to Sweden and can't wait to learn about the Swedish culture and way of living. I love learning new things and I hope I can get many life long memories from this exchange. My Swedish language skills aren't yet that good but I would like to use the language as much as possible when I come to Sweden. The best way to learn the language is to just use it all the time and translate some unknown words to use them in the future. I have been studying Swedish from fifth grade and I am very motivated in learning it more. In Finland, it is a very useful language and that's the main reason I want to go exchange to Sweden. The school system in Finland is quite similar to the Swedish system. It makes changing schools a little less scary. I am always down to trying new things and that is why I want to have this experience of exchanging already at this young age."

En hälsning från Hertta:
"I'm quite active and I love moving around. After school I do my homework and then do something fun. Even a walk around the neighborhood is very refreshing and calming for me. The nature in Sweden is almost the same as here in Finland so it's a nice thing that I am used to. I'm very excited for the exchange year in Sweden and can't wait to experience new things and make unforgettable memories!"



Namn: Erik
Födelseår: 2005
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Erik live in Berlin with his parents and his 12 year old sister. He also have a big half-sister. Erik is interested in shipping, aerospace, railways and nature (e.g. geological processes such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes). But also history, reading, energy generation and nature. Erik is very interested in old technology such as windmills. Erik also play the piano in his spare time and he likes to listening to music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Erik also like metal and his favorite metal bands are e.g. Nightwish from Finland and Sabaton from Sweden.

Varför vill Erik åka till Sverige?
"For me personally, Sweden, or Scandinavia in general, is one of, if not the most beautiful holiday destination for all seasons and age groups. I love the beautiful nature and the diverse coasts, but also the cities and culture. We also go to Öland a lot. Öland is a wonderful island, with great beaches and landscapes. I would also like to make new friends during my year abroad and just have the experience of spending a long time abroad. "

En hälsning från Erik:
"I would like to share my enthusiasm for certain topics with my host family and my new friends. But also my life in Germany, my family and friends. But I would also like to know more about my host family and new friends. And I want to learn their language. I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys."


Namn: Ella
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Franska, Engelska och lite Svenska
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Elle live with her parents, little sister and their two dogs Elvis and Kalle in Germany. Her hobbies are playing Cello with lessons and playing in the school orchestra, horseback riding, doing research at a student research center and playing ice hockey. Ella started playing ice Hockey in November and she play with people in her own age once a week and the second time per week with children. When she is not busy with school or her hobbies, she like to bake. Normally she bake something once a week and she would like to make some typical German things to her host family in Sweden.

Varför vill Ella åka till Sverige?
"I want to participate in an exchange year, because I think it is a great opportunity to learn about a new culture, and language, to meet new people and to collect new memories. For me, I would say that the year in Sweden was great, if I have learned more Swedish, when I can say that I have grown as a person and when you got to understand me, my culture and my country better. I want to go to Sweden, because I have spent many holidays there and I like the landscape, the people and the general Swedish way of life."

En hälsning från Ella:
"I am very interested in learning more about the Swedish culture and people, also I am interested in making new friends and collecting memories and experience. I am open for new things and experiences, but a bit "shy“ when it comes to new situations. In my all-day life I am independent and reliable. I am willing to help others. If I set myself a goal, I will work on reaching it."


Namn: Henrik
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Spanska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Henrik is an only child and he live with his parents in Germany. He grew up in Germany but has Spanish and Scandinavian roots. He would like to get to know the Scandinavian culture better, as it is a part of him. He has many good friends in school and outside of school, especially in his two hobbies, skateboarding and table tennis. Henrik like to be active and he describe himself not to be the kind of person who is sitting in front of a computer and play video games.

Varför vill Henrik åka till Sverige?
"My grandmother comes from Helsinborg and Malmö, where I have been a couple of times when I was little. I would really like to go to Sweden because of my family background and I would love to learn more about the Swedish culture, community and of course the language by myself. Usually, I visit this country once a year in February with my father Peter. During those visits I got keen on ice skating. I also like the colder weather or at least not burning hot summers like in Spain. I look forward to meeting my host family and getting used to their routines. I´m looking forward to meeting you. See you soon!"

En hälsning från Henrik:
"My name is Henrik, I am openminded, self-confident, I really have no problem with meeting new people, I am communicative and sporty. I have a lot of friends and I am interested in a whole lot of stuff (culture sports, politics, different lifestyles...). I am openminded, I have no problem dealing with responsibility (class representative), I am a first aid attendant in school, I like to do sports and spent time with friends like probably every teenager does."


Namn: Elena
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – December 2022

Elena live in Germany with her parents and her younger brother. Elena loves to go to the cinema with her friends. She also likes drawing, painting, listening to music and do sports. Elena won’t say no to a board game or the opportunity to talk about the book she is currently reading.

Varför vill Elena åka till Sverige?
"Sometimes I wished I had different and more practical subjects, which is why I’m looking forward to school in Sweden as I’ve heard of some interesting subjects, and, not at last, because the atmosphere during lessons is way more relaxed. I'd like to share my interests in baking, history, books, movies, other hobbies and I could talk about my life and the culture in Germany. I hope to take the knowledge which I’ll gain, and the experiences I’ll make with me and make them useful later on. Independence, confidence, and the ability to communicate although I might not speak the same language are all attributes that I can improve during my semester abroad, and that might help me in my future. I'd like to share my interests in baking, history, books, movies, other hobbies and I could talk about my life and the culture in Germany."

En hälsning från Elena:
"I would love to participate in activities my host family does whether it’s hiking, cooking or something entirely different. In return, I can let you take part in the activities I like baking, inline or ice skating and different kinds of handicrafts like sewing or making my own jewelers, although I must mention that I’m not necessarily good at them, I just enjoy doing them:). Overall I would say that, while I’m quite shy and need some time alone and to open up, I’m reliable, curious to learn about the life in and the culture of another country and I can’t wait to start this journey."


Namn: Jann
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Franska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – December 2022

Janns hobbies are soccer and he like physical activities like jogging. Jann also loves animals, and he has a cat at home called Herbert. Jann is close to his family and they love doing sports and outdoor activities together. During family vacations, they usually go to Scandinavia. They have visited Sweden many times and he is very curious about the country. He also likes to go trekking and canoeing in Sweden in summer. ​

Varför vill Jann åka till Sverige?
"I got introduced to your country over the summer break, my family and I go to Scandinavia quite often. We went trekking or canoeing for example. Last summer, I went trekking with my mother at the Fulufjället national park. That was the first time for me to sleep in the fjäll, and I really enjoyed it (I send a photo of that trip). Up to now, I never had the opportunity to get to know your culture and normal day life, but I’m excited to do so! That’s just one of the reasons why I want to do an exchange year abroad, plus I’m interested in getting to know new people and new cities and places, too."

Hälsningar från Jann:
"It's not easy to describe yourself but I would consider myself cheerful, self-confident and communicative. I have no problem with talking to strangers or talking in front of people. For me it's relatively easy to adjust to new environments. I asked close friends and family what character traits I have in their opinion. They said that I'm empathetic, sensitive to the feelings of others, social, helpful and independent. I am looking forward to get to know Sweden from the perspective of your family life. I would be happy to get to know you! "​

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Namn: Lenja
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Spanska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Lenja lives with her two parents and her two parrots in Germany. Her favorite subjects in school is English and biology. Lenja likes to bake, cook and likes to trying out new recipes. She also enjoys playing drums. Lenja likes to go skiing in Austria together with friends and hiking. She loves snow and do not mind the cold, which comes in handy when you enjoy winter sports. Lenja is interested in cultural exchange and loves to exchange stories about the home country with people from all over the world.

Varför vill Lenja åka till Sverige?
"I've been wanting to do a year abroad for a few years now. The idea itself indirectly came from my 7th grade English teacher, who I had overheard talking with an older student, who also wanted to do an exchange year. So that is when I learned about the concept and ideas of a year abroad and wanted to do it since then. Of course, I have done more research since then and I enjoy the idea of learning more about the culture and the typical daily life of a foreign country and experiencing it firsthand."​

Häslningar från Lenja:
"I´ve heard people describe me as strong-willed and optimistic. But I think stubbornness is also a trait that describes me quite well. I believe that I am a very open-minded person, but that I´m quite curious aswell, I like to learn new things. I am also quite good at improvising and always find a solution for everything. People also told me that I am very considerate, and I am also a very competitive person and I´m not that great at losing. I can't wait to see new places, meet new people and get to know a whole new country. I hope to meet you soon! Sincerely, Lenja."​


Namn: Nina
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Spanska & Engelska​
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Nina is from a small town in the northern part of Germany, and she lives in a house with her grandparents, parents and her two siblings. Ninas hobbies are swimming and playing basketball. Nina also loves to meet her friends and read books. She loves to travel and to learn new things about other cultures. Together with her grandma she also started sewing small teddy bears for her siblings and cousins, and she likes that a lot.​

Varför vill Nina åka till Sverige?
"I love reading and I love to learn new things. I love it to learn about other cultures and learning new languages. This love for foreign languages might be one of the mayor reasons why I would love to spend some time abroad. When deciding where to go for my exchange year, I decided for Sweden because I would love to learn the language, I heard that Sweden has one of the best school system in the world and I like the calm atmosphere Sweden is known for."​

Hälsningar från Nina:
"I'm a little shy but once you get to know me closer, I can be quite funny and interesting. Although I'm a little shy, I like meeting new people and getting to know new countries and cultures. I look forward to meeting you! ​Yours, Nina"


Namn: Noah
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Spanska & Engelska​
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

​Noah lives with his parents, his younger brother and his cat in Hamburg. He is a sport-loving person and likes to play football, go fishing with his uncle and grandpa and meet with his friends. Family and friends are very important part of his life. Noah likes to listen to music and has played guitar for 3 years. He also likes to draw cartoon characters from series and movies. His is also has a passion for learning new languages.

Varför vill Noah åka till Sverige?
"I've always wanted to go to Sweden to get to know the people of the country. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to travel to Sweden yet, but I hope that if I can then complete my year abroad in beautiful Sweden, we can have a nice time there, learn something for my later life and have fun there. I've always wondered how people live in there? I was told that the people there are very nice, close to nature, fond of animals and cosmopolitan. The school system should be very good and at a high level. For me it is also a challenge to learn a new language, also to be able to better understand the people and their culture. I would like to visit the beautiful country of Sweden again later and it is a decisive advantage if I can understand and speak the language. I would like to be part of my future host family in order to enrich family life with my German mentality. This is of course an interaction, as I also want to get to know and enrich the Swedish culture and way of life."

Hälsningar från Noah:
"Hej, I am Noah. Jag ser fram emot min tid med er i Sverige. I am a very happy person with much humour and fun in life. I am also very sporty. I'm playing football in a football team and I'm also playing basketball and football in school, with my friends."

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Punyanuch "Olive"

Namn: Punyanuch "Olive"
Födelseår: 2004
Hemland: Thailand
Språk: Thailändska, Engelska​ och börjat lära sig svenska
Period: Augusti 2022 – Juni 2023

Punyanuch is a 17 year old girl that lives in Thailand with her parents and younger brother. Her nickname is Olive. She is a person who smile easily, is open minded, has a grown mindset, makes decisions quickly, is punctual, and loves pets very much. She like outside activities and like to travel, visit museums and go to zoo. Her dream job is as a neurosurgeon. She likes to do various volunteer activities, including doctor shadowing. Punyanuch has an interest in vlogging and want to vlog her experience in Sweden on Youtube. She has also been an exchange student for 1 month in both USA and New Zealand where she lived at host families.

Varför vill Olive åka till Sverige?
"I think it is a great opportunity to learn a new language, meet new people, live in new weather, a new city and exchange different cultures.I have heard that Sweden is one of the places that has Northern lights. I really want to see it with my own eyes. Moreover, I want to travel to the north of Sweden because of the ice and snow. I would like to be able to speak Swedish too, it is a beautiful language."

Hälsningar från Olive:
"I am so excited about my exchange year and I can’t wait to see and get to know you all. I hope we will get along well and I can get used to the weather. I'm grateful for being a part of your family. Let’s have a wonderful year together. Exchange isn’t a year in life but it is a life in a year."

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