Lär känna våra elever

Har du, eller kanske någon du känner, hjärtat på rätt plats och vill välkomna en utbyteselev till ditt hem? Vi söker engagerade familjer till våra utbyteselever som kommer till Sverige från hela världen. Lär känna våra elever genom att läsa deras presentationer. Det är du som värdfamilj som väljer vilken elev du vill ta emot samt hur länge ni vill vara värdfamilj.



Namn: Erin
Födelseår: 2005
Hemland: USA
Språk: English
Period: Augusti 2021 – Juni 2022

Erin enjoyes activities outside such as hiking, biking, backpacking, skiing, snowshoeing, and exploring. She have lived her whole life with a deep connection to nature. She likes anime and watching YouTube to relax after long days. She also loves swimming and enjoy hot springs. Erin likes to explore towns and areas and on her free time, she usually hang out with friends and go on hikes. She also loves to cook and to be around animals.

Varför vill Erin åka till Sverige?
"I chose to study abroad because I want to have new experiences and learn more about other countries and cultures. I chose Scandinavia because it has always been very interesting to me as a whole. I am looking forward to living with a local family and getting the experience of living in Sweden and not just visiting for a little bit. I hope to bond with people and make new friends while I'm there."

Hälsningar från Erin:
"I am a shy person at first but I warm up to people quickly and then I can be very outgoing. I am a very respectful person and I make an effort to understand people's boundaries and I honor them. I am a pretty easy going person and very accepting of people. I'm a very resilient person ​who stays calm in stressful situations." ​


Namn: Connor
Födelseår: 2004
Hemland: USA
Språk: engelska
Period: augusti 2021 – december 2021

Connor is a funny, outgoing and creative boy. He is also very athletic and enjoys both watching sports and playing them. Connors likes to play football, lacrosse and basketball. He also likes to play video games. He likes animals and enjoy hanging with his friends. Connors favorite winter sport is snowboarding.

Varför vill Connor åka till Sverige?
"The reason I have wanted to go to Sweden and experience how it is to live there is that I love traveling and exploring what life is like outside of the U.S. I have been to several other countries and loved every single trip. Spending time traveling fills me with joy and having fun as a traveler is just my favorite thing. Although I will miss all my friends and family back home, I think it will be an exhlarating and funfillled trip. I’ve been snowboarding a lot recently and have heard that snowboarding and skiing in Sweden is the best in Europe. The main reason for coming is the people and the system. I researched Sweden and found that they are the some of happiest people in the world with minimal required schooling compared to the U.S. I am intrigued to see this firsthand and learn about the cultural differences"

En hälsning från Connor:
“I am very thrilled about coming to Sweden and can’t wait to see who my family will be!”



Namn: Jonathan​
Födelseår: 2006​
Hemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tyska och engelska
Period: augusti 2021 – juni 2022

Jonathan love doing different sports. He trained athletic for 8 years. His favorite discipline is javelin- throwing. But now he spend a lot more time on the trails, mountain biking, because there is enough safety distance. Jonathan has tried downhill skiing a few times and he really likes it. He also like to go canoeing and cooking. At home he has many pets like one cat, two rabbits and a chameleon named Rango. ​

Varför vill Jonathan åka till Sverige?:
"I think Sweden is an innovative country, like for example that you’re a cash-less society. Also, I wanted to experience what´s like when the sun goes down early and the typical Swedish traditions like mid-summer. What I think would be really interesting to try is the typical food, but I´m open for new".​

Hälsningar från Jonathan:
"I´m maybe the perfect student because I´m open for something new and I´m not shy to met new people and get in contact with them. So again, thanks for reading and I´ll hope u find it interesting to read something about me. With best wishes Jonathan".



Namn: Sauli
Födelseår: 2004
Hemland: Finland​
Språk: Finska, engelska​ och svenska
Period: Augusti 2021 – Juni 2022​

Sauli is an active and sporty young man. He swam four years in the swimming club in Tampere. He has a positive attitude in life. He is very cooperative and helpful. He likes sports, listening to music and plays piano. He enjoys spending time with his friends in the youth centre near his school.​

Varför Sauli vill åka till Sverige:
"Our family travels from time to time. I have visited America twice with my and friend family. In year 2019 my mother and father cycled from Finland to Paris in Team Rynkeby. My brothers and I arrived in Paris by plane a week later. Due the corona virus we have not visited abroad this year but went in Lapland last summer, where family friends live. They have had five exchange students from Europe. Therefore I know a little bit how it might feel to be as an exchange student myself.”

En hälsning från Sauli:
"I hope to improve my Swedish which is alongside Finnish the second native language in Finland, and I hope that I can bring a little bit of Finnish culture and positive attitude to your family."​

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