Lär känna våra elever

Har du, eller kanske någon du känner, hjärtat på rätt plats och vill välkomna en utbyteselev till ditt hem? Vi söker engagerade familjer till våra utbyteselever som kommer till Sverige från hela världen. Lär känna våra elever genom att läsa deras presentationer. Det är du som värdfamilj som väljer vilken elev du vill ta emot samt hur länge ni vill vara värdfamilj.



Namn: Muriel
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tyska och engelska
Period: december 2021 – juni 2022

Muriel is a very open minded and helpful person. Her closest friends would describe her as social, curious and sensitive. Muriel has many interests, she likes drawing and handicrafts, baking and helping with cooking, but her great passion is handball. She is very interested in topics such as environmental protection and sustainability. Unfortunately, she is allergic to cats.

Varför vill Muriel åka till Sverige?
"I got the idea of doing an exchange year during our holidays in Sweden, February 2019 near Nattavaara. In our holiday accommodation, I met a boy from Germany who already were in Sweden for some months visiting a local school and living with his host family. From him I got some Information about his time in Sweden, which led to the next steps and todays decision.”

En hälsning från Muriel:
"If I tell people that I want to go to Sweden for a high school year, their first question is: “Why do want to go to Sweden?” The answer is easy. Because I am very interested in your county, the culture, the language. I want to be more than a tourist who cannot speak Swedish. My dad told me about his semester abroad in Sweden 20 years ago. I also want to live there for a certain time, feeling like a real Swede."


Namn: Nele
Födelseår: 2005
Hemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tyska och engelska
Period: januari 2022 – juni 2022

Nele love to spend time with her friends. She is very ​interested in languages and in the people and cultures of other countries. Nele is very open to new people and looks forward to everything new. She is helpful and friendly and comes into contact with other people well. She also likes astrological topics.

Varför vill Nele åka till Sverige?
"I would like to exchange traditions and other things with my host family about our two countries and about life in our families. I like to share experiences with different people with my host family and my experiences from trips that I have made so far. I´ am very open to new things and am already looking forward to the chance to get to know life and the people in Sweden better. Since I grow up as an only child, I would find it interesting to get to know other children and family members and I look forward to shared experiences."

En hälsning från Nele:
"I can't wait for January 2022, I'm looking forward to getting to know us and I'm sure that an exciting time lies ahead of me and you as a Host Family. Greetings from​ Nele"



Namn: Ally
Födelseår: 2005
Hemland: Kanada
Språk: Engelska och franska
Period: januari 2022 – juni 2022

Ally is a friendly and social girl. Ally love to travel and to enjoy many different outdoor sports , especially skiing, biking, swimming and hiking. In Canada Ally live with her parents and her 3 younger sisters and their dog and two kittens.

Varför vill Ally åka till Sverige?
"I first started thinking about Sweden after meeting my mom’s friend who had lived there and spoke very highly of it. I started looking into it more and was very impressed with how sustainable and environmentally conscious Sweden is plus I loved the scenery, and the skiing looks amazing too! I’m very excited to experience the Swedish culture and look forward to meeting you!"

En hälsning från Ally:
"My name is Ally, I live just outside of a small town in Ontario, Canada. This September I will be going into grade 11 as a French immersion student. The classes I enjoy the most are science, math, and gym. I also really enjoy the classes I take in French because being well versed in other languages is a goal of mine.I am very excited to meet new people and make lifelong friends in Sweden. I want to be involved with various activities at school and at home".



Namn: Jorina
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Schweiz
Språk: Tyska, engelska och franska
Period: januari 2022 – juni 2022

Jorina have a lot of hobbies and interests. She love trying new things. She love being active and to be in the nature. She is very passionate about music, especially ABBA and she has played the piano since she was 8 years old and she take singing lessons. She also really like the gymnastics but she is not in a club and she train twice a week just for fun. She also like climbing, whether it is outside on a huge mountain or in a climbing gym.

Varför vill Jorina åka till Sverige?
"I love trying out new things, taking some risks and make memories. I love Sweden, I was there once, but that was a long time ago. When I was a kid, I loved Astrid Lindgren and her books, so our parents took me and my siblings to Astrid Lindgrens värld in Vimmerby. I felt like I was moving in my own dream! In addition, I really like the language and I remember the Swedish people as extremely open-hearted and welcoming."

En hälsning från Jorina:
"I am a very curious person and I really like trying new things. I like honesty and I always try making things comfortable for everyone. I am diligent and I work until a job is finished, as if I don't do things just halfway, but correct and carefully. I am a spontaneous person, although I like knowing where I stand and having my plan. Most of the time, I say what I think, I guess that's the best way of avoiding misunderstandings or -interpretations, but I think I know when it is the right time to remain silent or when I shouldn't talk before I think, because a person could get emotionally hurt. A lot of people say that my smile is extremely catching and that I always spread good vibes, I guess that's one of the biggest compliments I get to hear! I care a lot about how people are doing and I always try to find a way how to help someone who needs support."


Namn: Jana​
Födelseår: 2004​
Hemland: Schweiz​
Språk: Franska och engelska​
Period: Jan 2022 – Jun 2022

Intressen: Jana loves animals and workes at a cat hotel. Jana spends her free time playing soccer and is currently in the U-19 female team of FC Lucerne. When shes not busy with soccer or work she loves to meet her friends, going on walks with her dog or baking a dessert. Janas and her family like to go on hikes, go biking or do other activities such as kayaking, stand up paddling or waterskiing.

Varför vill Jorina åka till Sverige?

Jana want to do an exchange semester to get to know a new country, culture, people and a new language. She chose Sweden because not only has it breathtaking landscapes, but also a beautiful culture, interesting traditions and she would love to experience the Swedish way of living and someday being able to speak Swedish.

En hälsning från Jorina:

"I am already trying to learn a bit Swedish and I am really looking forward to January, when hopefully my adventure in Sweden starts and I can't wait to meet you."

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