Lär känna våra elever

Har du, eller kanske någon du känner, hjärtat på rätt plats och vill välkomna en utbyteselev till ditt hem? Vi söker engagerade familjer till våra utbyteselever som kommer till Sverige från hela världen. Anmäl ditt intresse om att bli värdfamilj här. Självklart är anmälan inte bindande.

Till hösten kommer våra nya studenter till Sverige från till exempel USA, Tyskland och Italien. Självklart får du som värdfamilj välja vilken elev du vill bjuda hem till dig, så passa på att läsa mer och lär känna studenterna för att se om någon av dom passar i just din familj!

Anmäl dig gärna också till ett av våra informationsmöten där vi berättar mer om hur det är att vara värdfamilj. Du kan också läsa våra frågor och svar samt läs om hur våra tidigare värdfamiljer har upplevt sitt år med en utbytesstudent hemma.



Namn: Jordan
Födelseår: 2008
Hemland: USA
Språk: Franska, Engelska & svenska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Jordan?

Jordan lives with his parents and Jordan enjoys baking and cooking and have a recipe book I’ve added to for a few years. Jordan loves to read, especially fiction, graphic novels, and anim. Jordan also enjoy watching anime in similar genres, crafting and art, especially drawing and working with clay. Jordan has worked on multiple theater shows at school and volunteered to be a counselor for outdoor school activities. Jordan is also in a writing club and like writing short stories.

Varför vill Saana åka till Sverige?

"I wanted to do an exchange to learn about other cultures, lifestyles, and have new experiences from the opportunity. Living with new people and being able to build attachments without them being connected to my life where I am now seems like a great experience and something that could help me grow. My mom moved to the United States from a Swedish speaking part of Finland, and I think learning more about the culture she grew up in would be interesting."

En hälsning från Jordan:

"I’m excited to learn how a new culture interacts and how they see the world as opposed to the people I've grown up around. "



Namn: Saana
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Finland
Språk: Finska, Svenska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Saana?

Saana live with her father and four older siblings in North of Finland. In her spare time she like to hang out with her friends and her family. Cheerleading has been her hobby for six years now and she love it. Saana also like arts like painting and music. Saana describe herself as social, outgoing, and cheerful. Her friends would describe her as extroverted, sunny, loyal and caring person. She love being around people but she also like to spend time by herself. Saana is allergic to cats.

Varför vill Saana åka till Sverige?
"I chose Sweden, because I can speak Swedish slightly and I am motivated to learn more. Swedish has been one of my favorite school subjects as long as I have studied it. I also love Sweden as a country. Swedish and Finnish cultures are similar. Maybe Sweden makes the good differences. Swedish people are kind, open and hard working.The people there are definitely a reason to go to Sweden. Sweden is really close to Finland and one thing that is really important to me is seeing the people and maintain the relationships build during the exchange in future life. So that's also why Sweden is a dream country to go for an exchange. What I want to get from my exchange year is the whole experience. I want to build lifelong relationships. I want to get really close with my host family and hopefully I would get to be part of the family whole-heartedly."

En hälsning från Saana:
"If you are looking for a caring and funny young woman that would stay in your life forever, I would be the perfect host daughter for you. I can't wait to get to know my new second family and actually start my exchange year next fall!"​

See Saanas videopresentation here


Namn: Niilo
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Finland
Språk: Finnish och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Niilo?

Niilo's favorite things to do are spending time with his friends and family, seeing different theater shows, ballets and watching movies. In his free time his hobbies are theater, dancing and singing. Niilo really like animals and movies are close to his heart. His dad and him like to try new hobbies together, for example climbing and padel.

Varför vill Niilo åka till Sverige?

"I'm looking forward to learning the Swedish language and getting to know your culture. I am applying to Sweden as an exchange student, because I want to learn the Swedish language and study abroad. I like to travel to new places, get to know new people and learn about different cultures. I have been to Sweden a couple of times, but have never stayed longer than a few days at a time. When I was in Sweden, I visited Junibacken and I went to see a Mamma Mia musical show. I enjoyed both very much and would like to know more about what there is to see in Sweden. I would like to learn to speak Swedish, because it would benefit my dream of working as a theater actor."

En hälsning från Niilo:
"To my host family, I'm looking forward to meeting you and learning about your culture and traditions. I can't wait to experience new things with you and getting to know your family. I can speak a little bit of Swedish and I am very eager to learn more with you."

Se Niilos videopresentation här



Namn: Misuzu
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Japan
Språk: Engelska, Japanska och lite svenska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Misuzu?
Misuzu lives with her father, mother in Japan. Her father works in Hong Kong and her mother, and I live in Japan. Misuzu and her family likes to travel. Misuzu enjoys working on committees and club activities. She is a member of my school’s cleaning up committee, Literature Club and the Anime Club. The last two are a great hobby of hers. Misuzu likes sports and she enjoy playing ball games, writing, and drawing. Misuzu is fasinated by the language and follows swedish YouTubers, her favourite Swedish YouTuber is Ike Eveland.

Varför vill Misuzu åka till Sverige?
Misuzu would like to share modern cultures such as books, music, anime, and manga with her new friends in Sweden. She wants to try new things, make new friends, and become a real family member with her host family and learn the language and culture from them. She wants to explore the nature of Sweden.

En hälsning från Misuzu:
"I heard Swedish people enjoy music and art, so I would like to share Japanese traditional cultures such as arts, music and sports with my host family. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully learning Swedish and other important things that will help me even after the exchange year!"



Namn: Lisabeth
Svenska. tyska och engelska, franska
Januray 2024 – August 2024

Vem är Lisabeth?

Lisabeth is a 15-year-old girl from Germany. She lives with her parents and her two older sisters, they're 16 and 18 years old and their two rabbits. They are living in a house that is located on the outskirts of a rural town. She likes to Mountain bike with friends or baking. She have been doing gymnastics since she was 5 years old. She love sport, watch a movie or listen to music. ​

Lisabeths favorite subjects are Physical education and history.

Varför vill Lisabeth åka till Sverige?

"I like the beautiful landscapes, especially the lakes and the archipelago. Swimming in the lakes and taking a boat or the SUP to discover the surrounding is one of my favorites. I am in love with your wooden red houses and of course Kanelbullar and Kladdkaka. So far we have only had the chance to discover Sweden during summer. Loving snow and snowboarding it is my wish getting to know Swedens exciting winterside.​

Friends of us have lived in Sweden for five years so we had the chance to hear and learn about the swedish school system which I would like to experience myself."

En hälsning från Lisabeth:

"Unfortunately, vacation time is always so short. Therefore I am dreaming of spending a longer period of time in Sweden for getting to know you people, your culture, country and your language better."


Namn: Linnéa
Födelseår: 2008
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Svenska. tyska och engelska, franska
Period: Augusti 2023 – December 2023

Vem är Linnéa?

​Linnéa lives with her parents and her brother in Hamburg. The family loves animals and keeps five bee colonies and have six chickens. Linnéa has a chicken of her own and her name is Apple. Linnéa loves to do activates with her family and in the winter holidays they often go skiing together. Her hobbies are swimming, doing arts and crafts, crocheting and cooking. Another interest is music and Linnéa has played Cello since she was seven. ​

Varför vill Linnéa åka till Sverige?

"I think it’s a great opportunity to have a unique experience, meet new people and get to know the “Swedish way of live“. I really enjoy my life in Germany and I’m pretty sure that I will miss my family and friends a lot. But I know that this experience of a semester with you will be more than worth leaving my home. I am so excited about this and would be glad to spend this time with you and become a part of your family for a while."

En hälsning från Linnéa:

"Me and my family love Scandinavia, especially Sweden and we spent many holidays in your country. That’s why I chose to do this exchange in Sweden. I learn Swedish for my own and hope I will improve my language experience during my stay at your family."​


Namn: Merrit
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Svenska. tyska och engelska, spanska
Period: Augusti 2023 – December 2023

Vem är Merrit?

Merrit is a sporty girl that loves playing football. She always started playing volleyball last year. Merrit dream of becoming a pastry chef and she would love to bake together with her host family. One of Merrits other hobbies are crochet. She loves that her hobbies gives her the opportunity to be creative. ​

Varför vill Merrit åka till Sverige?

"Sweden has fascinated me since I was a child. Our summer vacations in southern Sweden and Astrid Lindgren with her great children's books were a huge part of my childhood. I love the culture and the warmth of the Swedes. But how do I know that Sweden is the right country for me? I do not know yet, and that is why I want to spend a school year in Sweden. With everything that goes with it, with an open and friendly host family, the many lakes, and the beautiful landscape, and of course the daily Fika."​

En hälsning från Merrit:

"I am looking forward to experiencing the greatest time of my life with you."​

See Mettis videopresentation here


Namn: Dara
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska och engelska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Dara?

Dara lives in a small village in Germany with lots of forest and fields, and she likes outdoor activities. She is very fascinated by animals such as dogs and snakes and has many animals at home. She loves visiting family members together with her mom. In her free time, she loves reading books, drawing, painting, computer games, watching movies and tv series and is generally interested in the film industry and acting. Cars and Formula 1 are also amongst her interests. Lastly, she likes looking at cities and adventures since she always enjoy discovering and exploring something new.​

Varför vill Dara åka till Sverige?

Dara likes Sweden as a country and would like to meet new people and make friends here. She wants to get to know the culture better and learn as much Swedish as possible during her stay in Sweden so she can communicate better with the host family. Lastly, she believes a year abroad will give her better chances of getting a job. ​

En hälsning från Dara:​

"I am very much looking forward to getting to know you. I hope we have an exciting time together and I can't wait to learn more about your family."


Namn: Jule
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, ryska, engelska och lite svenska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Jule?

Jule live with her parents and their cat in Germany. The most important thing for Jule is family, including her very close friends. She like to stay with her family and spend time with them, rather than going out with many people, for example. Jule describe herself as very curious, love to have fun and do or explore new things. She is also very self-confident and not afraid to talk to other people. Jule like playing table tennis with her friends but a big part of her life is music. Jule play the classic guitar for 9 years and she just started learning to play the e-guitar as well. Jule also collect vinyl records and she like to watch old movies, listen to old music and love to go vintage shopping. In her free time she also sometimes d

Varför vill Jule åka till Sverige?

​"The nature is one of the reasons why I chose Sweden. I saw so many documentaries and pictures and I was amazed by it. It’s quite interesting how I came to Sweden in general, because it may be a bit unusual. As I said, I love older music, especially ABBA is playing a big part in that. Sooner or later, I noticed they´re Swedish, by hearing interviews of them speaking in Swedish. I immediately liked the language and started learning it, without even having the idea that I might need it in real life one day. Another reason for my decision was the fact that it’s said that the Nordic people are a lot happier and friendly. I think the difference in the school system is very interesting as well. I also hope I can grow as a person, become more independent and meet many new people."

En hälsning från Jule:​

"During my exchange year I would love to get to know the new culture and share some of my own. I´m really interested in the country traditions, so it would be amazing to attend traditional events with my host family or high school. Otherwise, I would like to share the language, so we can improve it together. I hope, I can also cook with my host family, share recipes and get to know the typical Swedish kitchen."

See Jules videopresentation here


Namn: Paula
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Franska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Paula?

Paula live with her mother, big brother and her cat Milka. Paula really love sports and she is part of a soccer team and she has practice three times a week. On the other days she like to do workouts at home. If she want to do something calm she love to read, paint or just listen to music. She also like baking and would love to bake some German specialities for you.

Varför vill Paula åka till Sverige?

"I prefer it when it’s a little bit colder and always tried to convince my family to go on a skiing holiday. That is actually one of the reasons why I chose to spend my year abroad in Sweden. I also think the landscape there is beautiful and I want to get to know the culture. I want to know how the people are living there and become a part of your family and be treated like any other family member. I like the language as well and want to be able to understand and speak it. In my opinion a year abroad is just an amazing opportunity for me to get to know new people, make a lot experiences, develop myself and also share my culture with you. And even though it is a big change and a bit scary too I am really looking forward for it and am very excited. I am sure this will be one of the best years in my life so I will not let a little “fear” stop me from doing something amazing. "

En hälsning från Paula:​

"First of all I would like to say a huge thank you for reading my letter and giving me the opportunity to live with you for a whole year and become a part of your family and I am incredibly grateful for that. "


Namn: Svea
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Spanska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Svea? ​

Svea lives in Germany with her parents and her little sister. She is an active girl who loves swimming and horseback riding. She has been horseback riding for many years, since she was 5 years old. Svea is also very artistic and creative. She enjoys drawing, painting and reading. Lastly, she loves spending time with her friends. They spend time going for a walk together, sometimes going to a lake, or going to the cinema to watch a movie when it is cold outside. Other times they are just listening to music while singing, dancing and having fun. In school, her favorite subjects are Art and English.​

Varför vill Svea åka till Sverige?

Svea has previously been on vacations in Sweden and is curious about what it is like to spend one full year and go to school in Sweden. She is eager to learn more about some of the Swedish traditions and wants to learn the language as well. She has already watched Young Royals in Swedish and listened to Swedish songs by Omar Rudbjerg who is one of her favorite singers.​

En hälsning från Svea:​

"I am really looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully learning Swedish and other important things that will help me even after the exchange year!"

Se Svea's videohälsning här.


Namn: Mia
Födelseår: 2008
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Franska, Latin och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Mia?
Mia loves to sing and she is active in a choir in Germany. The choir means a lot to her. Mia also plays the piano and she likes to sew. Mia loves to sew her own clothes and to make presents for her family and friends. Mia used to do ballet but now she is going to street dance lessons. In the wintertime she likes to ski and has been skiing since she was 6 years old. In the summer, Mia likes to go windsurfing or sailing in the Northern Sea together with her family. Mia also love to bake.

Varför vill Mia åka till Sverige?
Mia would love to try a new hobby while on exchange. Mia love to read books and she look forward to being able to understand Bröderna Lejonhjärta, Pippi Långstrump and Nils Holgersson, in their original language. Mia really want to learn Swedish and not only communicate in English.

En hälsning från Mia:​
"I would love to share some parts of the German culture and German people in general with my host Family and high School. Maybe I can bake for you or we can bake together and you can show me some traditional Swedish food like bullar.​ I look forward to meeting you!"


Namn: Rayn
Födelseår: 2005
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Engelska, Franska och Latin
Period: Augusti 2023 – December 2023

Vem är Rayn?
Rayn live in western Germany together with his parents. Rayn identify himself as a boy and he is transgender & queer. His lifestyle is very environment-friendly, for example he only use public transportation and mostly buy vintage clothes. Rayn enjoy sports as much as cultural activities and he also enjoy cooking and going inline-, roller- and ice skating. Rayn used to dance for 10 years and climbed in a sports club a few years ago. He still enjoy dancing and climbing. Rayn also has an interest in trampolining and Rayn has taken part in trampoline competitions. When Rayn was in 8th grade, he did a one-week student exchange in France.

Varför vill Rayn åka till Sverige?
"Since I was 13, I’ve been dreaming to live in another country, but I didn’t just want to be a tourist. After two years of pandemic, I was completely sure that this would stay a dream forever. But when I got to know STS and noticed that I would still have a chance, I felt like having a new perspective. The first country that came to my mind was Sweden. I always wanted to go to Sweden because I adore the landscape and think the cities, the food and the life is so interesting! I prefer the north of Europe over the south and think that going to a non-English-speaking country, is another really cool challenge."

En hälsning från Rayn:​
"I’m really excited to hear from you and can’t wait to get to know you! Best wishes Rayn."

Se Rayns videopresentation here



Namn: Julia
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Brasilien
Språk: Portugisiska, Franska och Engelska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Julia?
Julia live in the northeast of Brazil with her mother. Julia has a lot of hobbies, she likes playing volleyball, listening to music and spend time with her friends. She also like to go to the gym, go for walks along the beach with her family. Julia and her mother care a lot about the nature, and they like to participate in social actions and preserve nature.

Varför vill Julia åka till Sverige?
Julia want to go on an exchange to Sweden because she enjoy exploring new areas of knowledge. Julia also like exploring new cultures by traveling, gardening and learning new languages. She is interested in going on exchange to extend her habits, visit new places and share excellent moments. She hope her stay brings lots of spectacular memories.

En hälsning från Julia:
"I hope to share incredible moments, learn about the Swedish culture, contribute, and share great experiences, and that my stay could be able to reciprocate this welcome with excellent moments."



Namn: Cecilia
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Italien
Språk: Italienska, Engelska, Franska och Tyska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Cecilia?
Cecilia lives in Northern Italy with her parents and younger brother. Cecilias interests are art. She feel drawn to every form of art, such as visual art, music and nature too. Music has always played an important role in Cecilias life and she started playing cello when she was 6 years old. Cecilia is active in the school choirs. Recently she has also been included in the Opera singing group program, where she sing Opera with other girls and women. Cecilia also like to play guitar and ukulele at home. Cecilia enjoy walking and hiking with her family in the mountains.

Varför vill Cecilia åka till Sverige?
"As I started to consider the possibility of going to your country, I started to get wonderful feedback from people that have been living in Sweden, also for an exchange year. So, I started to be fascinated by it and after also informing me about your culture and traditions I eventually changed my mind and decided to spend my exchange year there. I’m really excited about leaving for Sweden next year, as the exchange year has been a dream of mine for a really long time".

En hälsning från Cecilia:
"I can't wait to meet you and make unforgettable experiences with you. Thank you so much for hosting me!"

Se Cecilia's videohälsning här.



Namn: Roos
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Nederländerna
Språk: Nederländska, Tyska, Engelska, Franska och Svenska
Period: Augusti 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Roos?
Roos lives on the west coast in The Netherlands. She loves playing softball, reading books especially fantasy and adventure novels, singing, watching movies and sports, skateboarding, play piano & compose music. She have been watching Formula 1 for over a decade. When she finished high school she want to do a master in aerospace engineering and a master in aeronautical engineering​.

Varför vill Roos åka till Sverige?
With still two more years of study to go, she decided that she wanted to broaden her horizon and go abroad. In that way she wanted to learn more about other cultures, languages and the people that live there. A couple years ago she fell in love with Sweden. She stumbled upon Sweden in the Duolingo language app and started learning Swedish. Meanwhile she learned more about Sweden online and connected with teenagers in your country.​

En hälsning från Roos:​

”I am Rozemaryne, you can call me Roos. I look forward to live in Sweden next year. By living in Sweden I hope to learn so much more about your beautiful country."

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