Lär känna våra elever

Har du, eller kanske någon du känner, hjärtat på rätt plats och vill välkomna en utbyteselev till ditt hem? Vi söker engagerade familjer till våra utbyteselever som kommer till Sverige från hela världen. Anmäl ditt intresse om att bli värdfamilj här. Självklart är anmälan inte bindande.

Till hösten kommer våra nya studenter till Sverige från till exempel USA, Tyskland och Italien. Självklart får du som värdfamilj välja vilken elev du vill bjuda hem till dig, så passa på att läsa mer och lär känna studenterna för att se om någon av dom passar i just din familj!

Anmäl dig gärna också till ett av våra informationsmöten där vi berättar mer om hur det är att vara värdfamilj. Du kan också läsa våra frågor och svar samt läs om hur våra tidigare värdfamiljer har upplevt sitt år med en utbytesstudent hemma.



Namn: Elisabet
Födelseår: 2006
Hemland: Finland
Språk: Finska, Svenska och Engelska
Period: November 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Elisabet?

Elisabet live with her father and four older siblings in North of Finland. In her spare time, she like to hang out with her friends and her family. Cheerleading has been her hobby for six years now and she love it. Elisabet also like arts like painting and music. Elisabet describe herself as social, outgoing, and cheerful. Her friends would describe her as extroverted, sunny, loyal, and caring person. She loves being around people, but she also like to spend time by herself.

Varför vill Elisabet åka till Sverige?
"I chose Sweden, because I can speak Swedish slightly and I am motivated to learn more. Swedish has been one of my favorite school subjects. I also love Sweden as a country. Swedish and Finnish cultures are similar. Swedish people are kind, open and hard working. The people there are definitely a reason to go to Sweden. Sweden is really close to Finland and one thing that is really important to me is seeing the people and maintain the relationships build during the exchange in future life."

En hälsning från Elisabet:
"If you are looking for a caring and funny young woman that would stay in your life forever, I would be the perfect host daughter for you. I can't wait to get to know my new second family and actually start my exchange year next fall!"

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Namn: Niilo
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Finland
Språk: Finnish och Engelska
Period: November 2023 – Juni 2024

Vem är Niilo?

Niilo has a school spot in Täby, Stockholm, and we are looking for a family that is living in Stockholm area. Niilo's favorite things to do are spending time with his friends and family, seeing different theater shows, ballets and watching movies. In his free time his hobbies are theater, dancing and singing. Niilo really like animals and movies are close to his heart. His dad and him like to try new hobbies together, for example climbing and padel. ​

Varför vill Niilo åka till Stockholm?

"I'm looking forward to learning the Swedish language and getting to know your culture. I am applying to Sweden as an exchange student, because I want to learn the Swedish language and study abroad. I like to travel to new places, get to know new people and learn about different cultures. I have been to Sweden a couple of times, but have never stayed longer than a few days at a time. When I was in Sweden, I visited Junibacken and I went to see a Mamma Mia musical show. I enjoyed both very much and would like to know more about what there is to see in Sweden. I would like to learn to speak Swedish, because it would benefit my dream of working as a theater actor."

En hälsning från Niilo:
"To my host family, I'm looking forward to meeting you and learning about your culture and traditions. I can't wait to experience new things with you and getting to know your family. I can speak a little bit of Swedish and I am very eager to learn more with you."

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Namn: Lisabeth
Födelseår: 2008
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Svenska, Tyska, Engelska och Franska
Period: Januari 2024 – Juni 2024

Vem är Lisabeth?

Lisabeth is a 15-year-old girl from Germany. She lives with her parents and her two older sisters, they're 16 and 18 years old and their two rabbits. Lisabeth and her family likes to travel together, skiing and being in nature. Her hobbies include mountain biking with friends and baking. She have been doing gymnastics since she was 5 years old. She love sport, watch a movie or listen to music. ​

Varför vill Lisabeth åka till Sverige?

"I like the beautiful landscapes, especially the lakes and the archipelago. Swimming in the lakes and taking a boat or the SUP to discover the surrounding is one of my favorites. I am in love with your wooden red houses and of course Kanelbullar and Kladdkaka. So far we have only had the chance to discover Sweden during summer. Loving snow and snowboarding it is my wish getting to know Swedens exciting winterside.​

Friends of us have lived in Sweden for five years so we had the chance to hear and learn about the swedish school system which I would like to experience myself."

En hälsning från Lisabeth:

"Unfortunately, vacation time is always so short. Therefore I am dreaming of spending a longer period of time in Sweden for getting to know you people, your culture, country and your language better."

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Namn: Elias
Födelseår: 2008
Hemland: Österrike
Språk: Tyska och Engelska
Period: Januari 2024 – Juni 2024

Vem är Elias?

Elias' close family consists of his mother and his brother. He is also very close to his grandparents and used to be with them every weekend. Sport is one of the most important things in his life, and he practices sport almost every day. He currently goes to the gym 5 to 6 times a week, sometimes with his friends. He enjoys lifting heavy and getting stronger. When he is not at the gym, he likes to spend his time going out with friends to the cinema, the theater or exhibitions. He also wants to get back to dancing as he danced hip-hop for a short period of time in the past.

Varför vill Elias åka till Sverige?

"The reason why I want to go to Sweden is that I have always been interested in Scandinavia, especially Sweden. I have been to Stockholm before and I loved it there. Also, I really like the Swedish culture and the language is very pretty in my opinion. I am starting to learn Swedish now and I try to get better every day. I would love to experience living in this beautiful country and learn more about it. Trying out new things and being adventurous is great fun for me, so I believe an exchange semester in Sweden is perfect for me."

En hälsning från Elias:

"I am extremely looking forward to my exchange semester in Sweden and to meeting you soon!"

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Namn: Paulina
Födelseår: 2007
Hemland: Österrike
Språk: Tyska, Franska och Engelska
Period: Januari 2024 – Juni 2024

Vem är Pauline?

Pauline and her little sister spends half of their time at their mom's house and the other half in their father's apartment with his girlfriend. Pauline is very social and talkative about her interests and loves sharing fun facts and stories with others. One of her biggest hobbies is reading and drawing fanart. Her favorite genres are fantasy, mystery and thriller. She is very passionate about art, especially drawing. She draws either digitally or in a more traditional way on paper and also likes looking at art and watching cartoons. She also likes listening to music or podcasts and hanging out with friends. When hanging out with friends, they go book shopping, have a picknick or grab some ice cream.

Varför vill Pauline åka till Sverige?

"One of my main motivations for participating in an exchange semester is wanting to add Swedish to the list of languages I speak. From the beginning on, I knew that if I would participate in an exchange semester it would be in Sweden. My desire to speak Swedish actually came before the idea of an exchange semester and learning through actually being around native speakers seemed (and still seems) like a fantastic idea."

En hälsning från Pauline:

"I am really looking forward to meeting you, learning about your culture and being part of your family for a semester."

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