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Födelseår: 2001
Hemland: Italien
Period: Januari 2019 – Juni 2019


Federica enjoys trying new sports like tap-dancing, and she regularly goes swimming and zumba dancing. She likes to listen to music and has played the violin in the past. Federica also loves skiing and walking her dog. In Italy she teaches italian to immigrants as a volunteer.

Varför Federica vill åka till Sverige 

I like cold weather and snow, so my dream is to go to a northern country, and I’ve chosen Sweden because it’s the third-largest country in the European Union by area and it has a low population density, so it’s mainly cov ered by woods and vegetation. Moreover, the school system is very good and generally your English is much better than ours! (I’ve heard about the long winter dark days and I can tell you that they don’t scare me!) I’ve nev er visited Sweden and I’ve chosen it mainly because it intrigues me, and I can’t wait to discover it!

En hälsning från Federica 

I hope to hav e a wonderful experience (and I’m quite sure that probably it will be more than wonderful) and that you will have a very beautiful experience hosting me as well. I also hope that together we will build a very special bond, hopefully in the future we will remember with joy the semester that awaits us.


Födelseår: 2001
Hemland: Italien
Period: Januari 2019 – Juni 2019


Michele loves spending time with friends and enjoys going to the gym. He has a great passion for fashion and wishes to start his own company in the fashion sector one day. Michele also loves music and cooking.

Varför Michele vill åka till Sverige

I wanna make my dream come true: to improve my cultural baggage living in such a beautiful country like Sweden. I would like to share everything of my new life with my Host Family; I would like to share my hobbies, my everyday life, my culture, my personality, the Italian traditions and the Swedish habits. I think that in general I would like to learn more about the Swedish culture.

En hälsning från Michele

I’m a sensible person, I really try my best to help people when they have a difficult time. I’m always happy, I’m very kind with everyone and I’m very active, so if I have to do something I just do it without any problems. I don't like to cause problems to other people, so I’m really calm and obedient. I always help with housework, here in Italy I always set the table and I always make my bed. I will try my best to learn this language and I really want to live this experience because I’m sure it will be such a wonderful experience for me. I wish I’ll feel part of your
family and you’ll be proud of me as a son.


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