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Våra elever från Italien


Födelseår: 2002

Hemland: Italien

Period: Augusti 2019–Juni 2020

Varför Letizia vill åka till Sverige

I decided to go to Sweden for several reasons. First because I love its landscapes: the forests, the Northern lights, the lakes and obviously Stockholm. The second reason is your culture based on reciprocal respect and the respect for the nature, which is something very important for me. I also liked what I've read about the school system and the importance that you give to group works. I can't wait to get there to see the sceneries, especially the Northern lights as I said, because I suppose they are magical, and I've never seen them. I'd also like to taste your typical dishes, and obviously try the famous Fika!

En hälsning från Letizia

I would love to share with you my habits and to know about yours; I could cook you some Italian dishes like pasta and pizza and I could also play with children, if you have them, and teach them some Italian games! I'd like to share with you my goals, my doubts and my happiness. I hope that we will have a wonderful relationship, and that we will spend a great year together.


Födelseår: 2002

Hemland: Italien

Period: Augusti 2019–Juni 2020

Varför Michele vill åka till Sverige

I want to spend a year in a place that is completely different from Italy, with new people who surely have interesting things and interests to teach me and to share with me. I want to try studying in a different school, learning a new language, meeting new people. I would love to become part of your family and to create a close bond with you. I’d like to spend the next year in Sweden because I love this country whose society is based on mutual respect and where people are kind and respectful. I love Swedish culture and the beautiful landscapes. I’ll adapt to your rules soon and without any problem, I’ll help you sharing chores, participating actively in your daily life, I hope we’ll spend an unforgettable year together. Thanks for everything you’ll do for me!

En hälsning från Michele

During my exchange experience I'd love to share with my Host Family my culture, my ideas, my way of thinking and maybe some Italian food recipe! I'd be happy to cook some Italian dishes for them. I'd be grateful to learn about their habits and lifestyle too; becoming part of their family. In my future high school, I hope to make many new friends to share new experiences with.


Födelseår: 2002

Hemland: Italien

Period: Augusti 2019–December 2019

Varför Gemma vill åka till Sverige

I would like to share the everydayway of living with my Host Family as well as my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings and new wonderful experiences. Moreover, I would like to share the educational system withmy High School, their method of teaching and learn from the inside how the Swedish school system is organized.

En hälsning från Gemma

I’m happy here in Italy, but I decided to spend a semester abroad because I think that I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone, I really want to challenge myself, to experience something completely different from my daily life such as living in a new family, changing my habits, learning (and I hope speaking!) a foreign language, meeting new people and attending a new high school. I know that it won’t be easy, but I’m really determined and I’m sure that I’m going to win this challenge. I found a sentence that completely reflects what I think about exchanges: “Exchange isn’t a year in our life, it’s a life in a year”. In fact, I know that next year I’ll totally change my way of living, and the best thing about it is that I don’t have any fear of that, because I’m really curious to get to know new things and to face the world around me.


Födelseår: 2002

Hemland: Italien

Period: Augusti 2019– Oktober 2019

Varför Irene vill åka till Sverige

With my host family I would like to share my culture, my interests and also the food of my Country. I'ma good cook and I'dlove to cook "pasta carbonara" with eggs and bacon to my futurehost family! :) I'malso curious to attenda
Swedish high school and to discover the Swedish students' life in it.

En hälsning från Irene

I think that an experience of this kind would be not only good to improve my basic Swedish knowledge and my English, but mainly to know how life is like in another country and meet a culture that, in spite of being maybe similar for the European tradition, is still for sure very different from mine.