Våra elever från Tyskland


Namn: Timm
Födelseår: 2003​
Hemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tyska, engelska​ och spanska
Period: September 2020 – Juni 2021​

Timm like to play the piano, cook with his family and to go skiing. Timm is also playing tennis but he is not competing in tennis any more. Timm also like to be out in the nature and hang out with his friends and family. ​

Varför Timm vill åka till Sverige:
"When I hang out with my friends or my family, we often go to parks and enjoy the nature or take photographs. I´m very interested in the landscapes of foreign countries. Therefore, I´m looking forward to visiting those places even though I also like the life in a big city like I live right now. The language is also the main reason that I will spend time in school next year even though I´ve already graduated. ​

En hälsning från Timm:
"I am an openminded guy with various interests. I like visiting school and spending time with my friends and family. My best friend, who lives down the street, has a cute little dog with which I often go for a walk. Furthermore I'm interested in music and I love to play the piano.Since the internet is part of my life, I sometimes come across cooking videos by Gordon Ramsey or other chefs which inspire me to try new recipes. "​

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