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Födelseår: 2003
Hemland: Tyskland
Period: Januari 2019 – Juni 2019


Mira en positiv tjej som är mycket extrovert. Hon är intresserad utav att spela piano och gitarr, rita, läsa, sjunga, akrobatik och simma.

Varför Mira vill åka till Sverige

The desire to spend this time in Sweden came up last year. My friend is from Sweden and I really like the Swedish sincerity and openness as well as the Swedish language. I hope that I will learn it in Sweden correctly. I am looking forward to living in your family for half a school year and I am grateful for this opportunity. I love to try something new and I hope my time abroad will be warm-heartedand exciting.

En hälsning från Mira 

I am a liberal-minded, determined person, kindness and honesty, justice and passion are important for me. I am sociable, and I am happy to meet you and to spend an important time in my life with you. I am currently learning how to prepare my
favorite dish (Königsberger Klopse, these are
special meatballs), so I can cook it for all of us.


Födelseår: 2000
Hemland: Tyskland
Period: Januari 2019 – Juni 2019


Laura älskar att rida och gå på konserter. Hon är en mycket aktiv tjej som gillar att träna; gärna dansa eller cykla.

Varför Laura vill åka till Sverige

I really like the sound of the Swedish language and I'm willing to try my best and learn it as fast as possible. I'm excited to explore Sweden as much as possible and get to know another culture. I'm also excited to see how the school system in Sweden works and if it's a lot different than in Switzerland.

En hälsning från Laura 

I’m the happiest when I get to spend my time with people. I think living in an unknown country will be a great experience for me nd that it will have a big influence on my personality. Maybe in exchange for you telling me about and showing me Sweden I could tell you something about Switzerland? I’m going to try my best to be integrated in your family I’m really looking forward to meeting you.


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