Våra elever från Tyskland


Födelseår: 2001

Hemland: Tyskland

Period: Augusti 2019–Juni 2020

Varför Annika vill åka till Sverige

I was in Sweden for the first time in 2011. It was so amazing and I loved the nature and the language but I can not remember a lot because I was ten years old. In summer 2018 I travelled back to Sweden for the second time. My parents also love this country and they decided to call me Annika because they love Sweden so much. I love winter and darkness.

En hälsning från Annika

I would like to be a new member for a Family. I want to learn Swedish and live in their life/culture so I want to spend my time with them like seeing their traditions, visiting other members of my host Family like Grandparents, playing with their kids etc. If they want i will teach them some German words. In my future School I hope I will improve my Swedish skills and make new Friends. If somebody is learning German I can help.

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