Våra elever från Tyskland


Namn: Karl​
Födelseår: 2004​
Hemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tyska och Engelska​
Period: Augusti 2020 – Juni 2021​

Karl tycker mycket om sport och på fritiden utövar han sporten Parkour. Han tycker också om att åka skidor. I familjen har de en hund som Karl ofta tar ut på promenader och myser med. ​

Varför Karl vill åka till Sverige:
"I want to make an exchange to Sweden because many things which come from Sweden influenced me since my childhood like the game Minecraft and IKEA but also because of Sweden’s nature and city’s which looked very beautiful from the pictures I’ve seen. I also want to experience Sweden’s culture and the country itself because I already heard a few things about it, but I’ve never been there before."​

En hälsning från Karl:
"Thank you very much for spending your time and reading about me. I am aware, that taking in an exchange student is an important decision that needs to be considered well and therefore I would like to introduce myself to you. I am looking forward to getting to know you, a new environment and your Swedish culture but also to making new friends, to learn a new language and to making new experiences."


Namn: Cecily​
Födelseår: 2004​
Hemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tyska, engelska, franska​
Period: Augusti 2020 – December 2020​

Cecily spelar badminton och lär ut gymnastik till yngre barn. Hon är också intresserad av dans, speciellt pardans. Cecily har alltid haft ett stort intresse för brandkåren och hoppas att hon ska kunna bli medlem i en brandkår för unga efter hennes utbyte i Sverige. ​

Varför Cecily vill åka till Sverige:
"Maybe you wonder why I want to spend a half year in Sweden? Your country fascinates me. I think it’s because I once read a book which took place in Norway. After that I was interested in Scandinavia. I think a thing I love the most about Sweden is the beautiful landscape". ​

En hälsning från Cecily:
"My name is Cecily and I am 15 years old. In April I will turn 16. I live in a rural area near Bremen with my parents and my cat Fufu. My mum Katrin is a civil servant and my dad Udo is an electrician. After my high school graduation, I want to spend a year abroad in a country in Africa or something like that. Then I want to study and become a civil engineer. I know that these dreams will probably change until then, but in life you need goals to work towards. I would describe myself as a funny and fair person". ​


Namn: Hans​
Födelseår: 2004​
Hemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tyska, Engelska och Franska​
Period: Augusti 2020 – Juni 2021​

Hans stora passion är musik och han spelar piano sedan nio år tillbaka. Hans är aktiv i en roddklubb och är också intresserad av fotografering och fiske. Även datorer, robotik, schackspel och museum är något som Hans är intresserad av. ​

Varför Hans vill åka till Sverige:
I have already been on holiday with my family in Sweden twice. I also took part in a three-day student exchange with a school in Stockholm. I really liked the school system there and I would like to get to know it better from my own experience. I am very impressed by the progressiveness and beauty of Sweden. ​

En hälsning från Hans:
I am really looking forward to my year in Sweden. I am very curious to know in which region, which place, which school and of course with which host family I can spend my year in Sweden. Among the Swedes with whom I have had contact so far, I have been particularly impressed by the confident use of foreign languages, especially English. Nevertheless, I am very excited about the Swedish language and will make every effort to learn your mother tongue as quickly and as well as possible.​


Namn: Mathilda​
Födelseår: 2004​
Hemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tyska, Engelska och Spanska​
Period: Augusti 2020 – Juni 2021​

Mathilda spelar teater och hon är väldigt kreativ. Mathilda spelar också piano, tycker om att måla och arbeta med händerna. Mathilda är också med i scouterna och intresserad av hållbarhetsfrågor och miljö. ​

Varför Mathilda vill åka till Sverige:
"I was interested in foreign countries and cultures already as a very young kid. My dad told me that I had the first intention to travel around the ​
world already with 4 years old and that for a while I had collected all ​
coins that I could find. When I then thought about where to spend an exchange year, Sweden was my first choice. But my interest now are less nice holiday spots but more culture, traditions and finding friends. I don't know where future will drive me and don't have a concrete profession wish yet, but I am sure this exchange year can give me a lot of inspirations and would impact my life very positively."​

En hälsning från Mathilda:
"I could tell you about the everyday life in my family, my hobbies, the typical German things, and what is the German culture and the way of life for me. If you like, we could cook something German or I can teach you funny German words. At school I am currently in two different work groups. In the UNESCO work group for sustainable living and in the Theater work group. When I go to school in Sweden, I would like to get involved with the work groups offered there and become part of the school."


Namn: Tine
Födelseår: 2004​
Hemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tyska, spanska och engelska
Period: Augusti 2020 – Juni 2021​

Tine älskar att åka skidor och tävlar i ett skidlag. Tine tycker också om djur, gymnastik, aktobatik och att spela tennis. Tine har spelat klarinett i många år och älskar även musik.

Varför Tine vill åka till Sverige:
"In the summer of 2018 we did a bicycle tour from Oslo to Gothinburg and I fell in love with the Swedish culture and espacially the beautiful nature. And since I’ve always known that I don’t want to live in Germany later, I ound myself my new future dream land. I decided to do an exchange year like my brother is doing right now in Ireland, but I wanted to go to Sweden."

En hälsning från Tine:
"I love sports especially skiing, so I am a real winter kid. I am also pretty much into music. What I love the most about Sweden is the beautiful nature. I am a family person and my friends are also very important to me. I always try to see the positive side of everything and love making people smile. I really look forward to experiencing new things, meeting new people and living up new adventures. I am aware It’s going to be hard sometimes, but that is also part of this new experience. Looking at the bright side of life, it’s going to be great. I really look forward to meeting you and I am already so excited that you are going to be a big part of my journey."


Namn: Melina
Födelseår: 2004
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska , spanska och engelska
Period: Augusti 2020 –December 2020

Melina tycker om att åka skidor och utövar karate. Melinda är också intresserad av att måla, laga mat och hon är aktiv i brankåren för unga. Melina älskar djur och har en hund som heter Maggie.

Varför Melina vill åka till Sverige:
I want to go on an exchange year for a very long time and have been to many different countries if only with vacation or an student exchange. I was exited when I saw that Sweden was available for an exchange year. I hope that I get to know the Swedish culture during my visit. I already started learning swedish to prepare myself for my time there. I am also interested in how school is in other countries beause i've never been able to experience it myself. I am looking forward to my time there and of course you aswell.

En hälsning från Melina:
I do karate for almost 3 years because I have a lot of joy during it and it's a good way to lose stress. Another activity that I do is being part of the volunteer firefighters for young people under 18 years. I go there every 2 weeks on Mondays. It's been over a year since I joined and I made a lot of friends during this time and had a lot of fun. I have no siblings or cousins and with that I am the only child in my family. Therefore I have no problem if my hostfamily has one or more children because with that I might be able to experience what it is like having siblings.


Namn: Helena
Födelseår: 2005
Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, engelska, franska och latin
Period: Augusti 2020 –December 2020

Helena älskar djur och hon kommer sakna sin katt Luna när hon är i Sverige. Helenas största hobby är att simma och hon tycker om musik och spelar saxofon.

Varför Helena vill åka till Sverige:
I don't know how to speak Swedish yet and this was my main motivation of going there! I really love to open up, to get to know people and to change my life completely. And of course I hope for a cultural exchange, where I learn a lot about Sweden and the people I meet there and they learn about me and our German culture.I'm not very shy and I think I fit in a semester abroad perfectly, because for me it's about having a new and completely different experience which I'm looking forward to.

En hälsning från Helena:
I'd like to share a lot with my host family and friends at my High School. That may be my lifestyle and my mindset but the most important for me is time with them. I think for getting to know each other, having a great time together is the only way. I think I'm very open-minded and for me, it's not hard to connect to people. In my time in Sweden, I'd like to share this to people. I'm a family person and I love animals as well. As it's unusual I like going to school too and I love meeting my friends there. My friends are a big part of my life and I hope that I can find some new friends in Sweden in my semester abroad. At home I love being creative but also I love to learn something new!


Namn: Tomma
Födelseår: 2004 Hemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tyska, Engelska och Spanska
Period: Augusti 2020 – December 2020

Tomma tycker om landhockey, ridning och att spendera tid med sina vänner. Hon är väldigt intresserad av sport och fotografering.
Varför Tomma vill åka till Sverige: " I have decided to go to Sweden for a few months because I have only heard and read positive things about the country. What impressed me most was that people in Sweden are very open to new things and especially friendly. I like that and would also call myself a very positive person. Actually, I'm always in a good mood no matter what country or city I'm in at this moment.I also heard about the excellent school system in Sweden."

En hälsning från Tomma:
When I think about my future, I see myself in very different areas and places. I'm interested in education and could well imagine working as a teacher later. On the other hand, I also want to explore the world , using my talents such as language well. I would like to collect as many new impressions and experiences as possible in order to improve the world a little bit later with the help of the education of the children. I cannot wait to get to Sweden and meet you and your great language.

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