Våra elever från Thailand

Dolaya "Ploy"

Födelseår: 2002

Hemland: Thailand

Period: Augusti 2019–Juni 2020

Varför Dolaya vill åka till Sverige

I hope to parttake in various outdoor activities such as wintersports, hiking and ice skating. The land is beautiful, the cultures are difference. (As being told by my mom). And, I think it will help me develop both my English skills and learn Swedish faster than study in Thailand. That sounds amazing and makes me so excited." Being an exchange student is the new opportunity, advantage and joy of her life.​

En hälsning från Dolaya

I am looking forward to experiencing Swedish culture and learning more Swedish language, also getting to know my host family and share Thai culture with you. I wish one day I will cook Thai food for you and hope you will like it. I am ready to learn about my future host family culture and get to know new people!

Apichaya "Pond"

Födelseår: 2003

Hemland: Thailand

Period: Augusti 2019–Juni 2020

Varför Apichaya vill åka till Sverige

I want to be an exchange student in Sweden because I have my aunt there and she inspires me a lot. I want to have experience, practice my language skills and I want to speak Swedish. I never go to other countries before. So, Sweden will be my first country that I will visit. Atmosphere in Sweden is fantastic. There are forests and lakes. My mother has been to Sweden before and she would like me to see how good that is.

En hälsning från Apichaya

I would like to share some Thai words and my own culture to host family and friends or teachers at school. I hope my host family will take care of me and I will take care of you too. I would share and exchange things that related to culturals what if one day you can visit my home country as well.

Thanatta "Earn"

Födelseår: 2002

Hemland: Thailand

Period: Augusti 2019–Juni 2020

Varför Thanatta vill åka till Sverige

I have chosen this country because the culture is a lot different from my country. The weather, people, highly secures country. These are the thing I want to learn, discover and experience. I am excited to live and study in Sweden, experience the Swedish life and meet new people. I also look forward to exploring the new culture and traditions. The school system seems interesting. I am learning Swedish at present! This experience will surely help me achieve my goals in my future.​

En hälsning från Thanatta

I would like to share Thai language, Thai dress, Thai tradition with you. I will follow the family rules and never do things bad towards your family. Hope to see you and spend the wonderful time with you.​

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