Våra elever från Schweiz


Födelseår: 2003
Hemland: Schweiz
Språk: Tyska, Engelska och Franska
Period: Januari 2020 –Juni 2020

Varför Malin vill åka till Sverige:
"I want to go on an exchange year for various reasons. One of them is because I love learning new things and exploring new places. I want to see another country with another culture and different habits. The experiences I’ll make will allow me to obtain different perspectives. The knowledge I’ll get I can apply in my education and my life."

Sweden is a country that I have always found very interesting. Things like the beautiful landscape, the culture and the way of life attract me there. Another thing I like about Sweden is the school system.

En hälsning från Malin:
"I would describe myself as an open minded person. I almost always
think positive, I'm trustworthy, helpful, I love to meet new people and I'm open to a lot of new experiences. I'm always there for others and I really care about my surroundings. I always try to give my best.


Namn: Henrik​
Födelseår: 2004​
Hemland: Schweiz​
Språk: Tyska och Engelska​
Period: Januari 2020- Juni 2020 ​

Henrik älskar fotboll, att åka skidor i Alperna, läsa, fiska och har nyss fått upp ögonen för vindsurfning. ​

Varför Henrik vill åka till Sverige:
"My grandmother (farmor) is Swedish, we usually spend some weeks in Sweden at the east coast in summer. Although Sweden feels like my second home, I don't speak Swedish. But I will use the remaining time until my exchange to learn the language".​

En hälsning från Henrik:
"I think I’m able to take on the challenges of an exchange-semester. On one side I am really excited and I can’t wait to get this all started and on the other side I’m aware that it will be also challenging and it won’t only be easy. But I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and to being part of their life. I am very open-minded and making new friends was always easy for me though I’m a rather calm person."

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