Våra elever från Schweiz


Födelseår: 2004

Hemland: Schweiz

Period: Augusti 2019–Juni 2020

Varför Fabienne vill åka till Sverige

I have been thinking about this for three years, since my first visit to Sweden. It was love at first sight. I hope to get to know the language soon and am practicing with an app. I am looking forward to live in this beautiful country for a year. " She is also looking forward to following the Swedish royal family from up close, which she had admired and been fascinated by from a very young age.

En hälsning från Fabienne

I would be very happy, if you accompanied me on my adventure, if you helped me to learn the language and if you showed me your culture. lt would mean a lot if I could stay with you, if I could live my dream with your support.


Födelseår: 2003

Hemland: Schweiz

Period: Januari 2020 –Juni 2020

Varför Malin vill åka till Sverige

I want to go on an exchange year for various reasons. One of them is because I love learning new things and exploring new places. I want to see another country with another culture and different habits. The experiences I’ll make will allow me to obtain different perspectives. The knowledge I’ll get I can apply in my education and my life. Sweden is a country that I have always found very interesting. Things like the beautiful landscape, the culture and the way of life attract me there. Another thing I like about Sweden is the school system.

En hälsning från Malin

Dear Host Family Dear High School I'm glad and very thankful you're supporting and helping me on this adventure. I always dreamed of an exchange year. I am looking forward to the wonderful experiences we will make together. I'm convinced that we will have an interesting, educational and awesome journey together. I'm excited to meet you, and I am happy to share my culture and language with you.


Födelseår: 2004

Hemland: Schweiz

Period: Augusti 2019–Juni 2020

Skolplacerad i Umeå.

Varför Linus vill åka till Sverige

I practice floorball four times a week. I would like to go to Sweden in my exchange year. A country where floorball is a big sport. I am amazed by the nature in Sweden and I think it is a very happy and friendly country.

En hälsning från Linus

I would consider myself as an open-minded person. I like to make new friends and spend time doing things. Beside floorball and school I like to hang out with friends. I am a very active person. I barely stay at home and do nothing.

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