Skicka in din intresseanmälan om att bli värdfamilj och vi kontaktar dig med mer information. Både om hur det fungerar samt ger dig information om våra studenter som kommer till hösten.

Självklart är intresseanmälan inte bindande!

Just nu söker vi en värdförälder/familj till Marie från Österrike:

Namn: Marie
Födelseår: 2003​
Hemland: Österrike
Språk: Tyska, Engelska och franska​
Period: augusti 2019 – juni 2020

Marie är intresserad av olika sporter så som konståkning, längdskidor och löpning. Marie har också en stor passion för djur och hon tycker också om matlagning. ​

Varför Marie vill åka till Sverige:
” I want to live one year in Sweden because I think Sweden is one of the prettiest countries and I love how friendly and helpful the People are. In winter 2017 we spent 5 Days in Stockholm and I didn´t want to go back home. This was when I decided that I want to do an Exchange year in Sweden. I am learning Swedish once a Week so I can say some things when I arrive. I would love to live in northern regions, I love the countryside up there. I want to try out some new things in Sweden and have a good time. In my time in Sweden I wish that I can see Polar lights, it is a thing which I wanted to see in my whole life. I love looking at the stars and so I like sleeping outside. I want to experience Adventures and learn new things. I want to live in a new culture and find new friends. I am interested in new people and new lifestyles and I think I would love the “Swedish way to live”. ​

En hälsning från Marie:
" I want to Show my Host Family some Austian meals and how we live. I want to see the difference between Austria and Sweden and Show it to my Friends and Family. Of Course I am going to Show them Pictures too. My Mother is German so I know the German Culture well, too. I can show my Host Family both, German and Austrian traditions. I am a honest Person. I like trying new Things and discovering different stuff. I have no Problem saying what I think but I don´t have to all the Time. I am easy to enthuse and want to experience different things. I am open to new things an I think positive very often. I like laughing and try to enjoy everything.”

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