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Tidigare student på SBCC startade sin egen mediabyrå!

Mon Feb 27 2017

Adam Holm studerade med STS på Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) och blev klar i maj 2016! Sedan dess har Adam haft en stor framgång och är nu en av grundarna av mediabyrån Blonde Media. Vi pratade med Adam om hans resa och blev imponerade över hans driv och karriär!

Why did you choose SBCC?
I was dreaming about studying in California throughout my high school years. I really wanted to move to Los Angeles because that’s where the biggest movie scene is. But when I did some research, I quickly found out that SBCC is the best city college for film studies. City collages are also easier to get accepted to and are cheaper than regular collages. The facilities and the academic level were top notch though – and I certainly have no regrets studying there.

I found out that it works very well to start small (in Santa Barbara) and move forward from there, which I my case is to LA.

What did you study at SBCC and did the school live up to your expectations?
I more or less took film courses exclusively, such as film directing, editing, cinematography etc. In addition to that I took a running class, to keep myself in shape. I didn’t have very good grades in high school, so it felt really good to be able to study something that I was interested in and end the courses with high marks.

The studios were above my expectations – especially the first semester. I was surprised at the high quality and how much responsibility you got. We had some really cool projects and super talented teachers. The coolest thing was that the teachers were professionals in their field, outside of the school. Some of them worked in Hollywood and have great practical knowledge and an extensive network. They also had former students visiting and telling us about their careers after SBCC. The impression I got was that everyone that had been studying film at SBCC had been doing great afterwards.

However, not all students were taking these classes to work with film in the future, many took them just for fun.

What have you been working with since you finished your courses at SBCC?
I finished in May 2016, and started to produce films immediately. In September I founded the company, Blonde Media, with my partner Daniel. Since then we have made films for music artist from Sony Music. We have also interviewed Robbie Williams, worked for Morten Breum, Redbull and been doing “teasers” for plenty of night clubs in Copenhagen. We are a production company for a number of advertising and marketing agencies. So, there has been a whole lot since I left SBCC.

What has your education from SBCC meant for your current career?
I have certainly had usage for the things I learnt in school in my current job. At SBCC I learned all the basic film skills (shooting, production planning etc.) which I can now take to the next level. Film became a part of my everyday life and the studies have undoubtedly been a kick-start for the founding of my own business.

What are your dreams for the future?
My dream is for Blonde Media to become even bigger, with more and larger clients. We want to be able to offer more than film, for instance photography, websites, graphic design and marketing. And in a couple of years we want to move to LA.

Do you have any advice for others’ who want to work with film and media?

  • Focus on your studies and focus at one thing at a time. It’s a good idea go through your expectations before you leave. Going to school should feel like a cool and a fun thing, not a duty.
  • Try to get as many friends as possible – not just people from your home country. Network as much as possible. It’s touching that so many people want to help me with my projects and work together with me. I have gotten friends for life, also friends that I work with today. California is home for me now.

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