För studenter 14–18 år

The weirdest memories are definitely about the food in Sweden

We managed to get an interview with Amelia from Italy. She was on exchange in Uddevalla, Sweden for 322 days.

Why did you go on exchange?

Because I have always been interested in Sweden and I wanted to experience something new while escaping my ordinary life.

How was the school compared to your home school?

It was so much fun! I was very much surprised about how nice both the students and teachers were, how different the school days from the ones in Italy were and I was very fond of the whole school system. I liked the freedom we had, the friendships between teachers and students, the subjects, even the school lunch!

Describe your host family. What was it like to live with a host family?

It really is like living with a friend and second family. So many laughs, jokes, funny moments and so much love. I really enjoyed the way we didn’t just live beside each other, but with each other. Especially during Covid time it was really helpful having a host family you trusted and enjoyed spending time with. Of course it is not 100% like living at home, in your country of origin, but it shows you things you never would've experienced, habits you never would've thought of and it helps you to grow up and become responsible.

What did the exchange give you?

A lot of laughs and tears in the end when I had to leave. It gave me unforgettable memories, taught me about life and helped finding myself. I am really glad I got to experience this year in Sweden. I got a second family, friends for a lifetime, a new language I can practice on, and I learned so much – not only in school, but in and for life.

What was the best thing with your exchange?

It's hard to only name one thing, but I'd definitely say the fact that I am able to understand and talk in another language and the fact that I made friends for life.

What is your best/weirdest memory?

The best memories would probably be when me and my friends went to the ocean, at 00:00 and we were still able to see the sunset and swim.

The weirdest memories are definitely about the food in Sweden. On my first day of school, the others in my class invited me for lunch - we got pizza. Just that, in Sweden at least, the pizzas could appear kind of odd. One of my friends ate a pizza with chicken, curry, banana, and peanuts, the other one ate a pizza with kebab, fries and salad!?!?!

What is your advice to future students?

Enjoy every single second, take pictures and videos, don't worry about missing out something in your country of origin and don't be shy. You only live once, right?

Why did you choose STS?

It was the first organization we got in touch with. After the first online-meeting I was already really sure about it and trusted the coordinator.

Amelie from Italy, on exchange in Sweden