Starta ditt High school-år i USA med New York Welcome Camp!

Tue Jan 31 2017

USA är vår mest populära destination! Just nu lever Jessica från Schweiz hennes amerikanska dröm:

“When I first arrived in the USA I was so nervous and didn’t know at all what would come my way. The preparation course was definitely one of the best highlights so far and an absolutely amazing beginning to my exchange year. Unknown strangers changed into international friends that I’m so grateful for. I’m still in touch with many of the people from the prep course and I hope to visit them once again someday. It was so cool to go to New York too, and all the different activities we did helped me feel so much more prepared for this year.

If I had the chance I would without a doubt relive these 5 days!”

– Jessica Küffer, Switzerland, on her thoughts about the preparation course in New York

Låt 2017 bli ditt år! Just nu ingår Welcome Camp i New York för alla som bokar USA. Vi har fortfarande platser kvar för hösten 2017. Missa inte din ”once in a lifetime experience”.